Every quarter, we host a challenge for our young artists to submit artwork they’ve created to us. Through the curation process, a total of 3 winners will be chosen, and each work will be released and highlighted here on The Weekend Type platform each month. The Young Artists will be able to earn commission on the monthly sales of their work, which then goes directly into a scholarship fund they will have access to upon high school graduation.

What is required to submit artwork as a Young Artist?

  1. Currently, you must live in the United States to be eligible.

  2. You must be 13 or under, and have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate and submit your work.

  3. You acknowledge that if you are selected for curation, you must be willing to send The Weekend Type your original work of art.

  4. You are required to send in 3 files for the submission:

    1. A .jpg of the final artwork itself.

    2. An image of the artist at work, creating the artwork.

    3. An image of the artist holding their final artwork in front of them.