meet the painter

Tabitha Paige is an award winning artist residing in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been painting for over 20 years as a professional artist. She began as a muralist and colored pencil artist at the age of 13. After formalized training at Pepperdine and ACU, she then transitioned to oil paintings where she perfected her craft. In 2011, she created Fox Hollow Studios out of a desire to create a career as a full time artist. She began to focus primarily on minimalistic watercolor paintings with her Fox Hollow collection. Today Tabitha has a collection of fine art oil paintings as well as her collection of watercolor paintings within Fox Hollow Studios. Tabitha’s love for fine art has transcended across many years, transitions, and many mediums. Her desire to bring a sense of peace and calm into her paintings is the underlying theme that can be seen in every piece she has created. Each life stage brings something new to her style and expertise as her work has evolved over time.

a word to the young artists

If you have a passion for art, do everything you can to work towards making a career out of what inspires you. In the past, it was difficult to make a living as an artist, but today we have so many resources to make the arts a viable career. Practice your craft everyday, learn/study the ins and outs of business, and develop relationships with working artists. These things will take you a long way in pursuing your dream. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than getting to use your God-given talents every single day and earn a living while doing so.