meet the photographer

I am a free spirit, spontaneous adventurer, fine art photographer, faith-filled, enthusiastic wife and mother. I adore beautiful things (guilty), but measure my worth on the healthiness of my soul. I'm a former professional Historian; a profession that impacts the way I photograph - as a piece of History. I received my Masters in Historic Preservation before pursuing photography professionally and I currently specialize in the incredible scenes that unfold in front of me on wedding days. My self-indulgences include podcasts, victorian jewelry, romance novels, red lipstick, crime shows, interior design, and Pepsi.

I grew up and still live in rural North Carolina, but travel frequently and extensively for work and life. I would choose an open field, a mountain top, or a beautiful view over city-living - any day of the week & twice on Sundays.

a word to the young artists

In the art and photography world these days, it becomes a tangle of comparison, of questioning one's eye or abilities. I truly believe that with so much access to beauty these days, we're becoming dulled to it. It's easy to lose the awe that we are all born with in the mess of social media and fast-paced lifestyles. As an artist it's our job to listen to the hum of inspiration, take the passion we carry for beauty, and call on those around us to slow down - to pay attention. Appreciation and awe are gifts not easy to come by, what a privilege as creators to be able to open up someone's understanding of both.