meet the painter

Hi there! My name is Michelle Boyd. I've always known I would be an artist, and I have always been drawn to the beauty of flowers and nature. I am amazed that something so seemingly simple can bring so much joy. They can be symbols of gratefulness, celebration, joy, apology, sorrow, renewal, hope… the list is endless.

I paint primarily with oil paints on wood panels and stretched canvases, from tiny 5×5″ pieces to extra-large statements! I love exploring the interplay of colors, infusing movement into abstraction, and drawing emotion from the beauty of creation. I especially enjoy finding that happy moment where both color abstracts and impressionist florals and landscapes meet in the middle.

Part of my heart is to make others feel the way I do when taking in a joyful, peaceful work of art – calm, centered, and thoughtful. There’s a wealth of hospitality in creating a painting, knowing it’s going to end up in someone’s home, and hospitality has always felt like a huge calling for my life. To know that my work can impact how anyone feels walking into that space is such a simultaneously thrilling and terrifying thought, and I love it! I release 2-3 large collections online every year on my website, and take a handful of commissions every month as well.

I feel most at peace with a brush in my hand, a mug of hot tea, and a rerun of NCIS or Gilmore Girls on. I live in Austin, TX with my incredible husband Bryan, our sweet little girl, and a ridiculous golden doodle Miss Jessie Pants.

a word to the young artists

Oh, dear young artists! Chase after your dreams. Draw, paint, sculpt, or design every day, every chance you get. When you fill up all your sketchbooks and all your canvases, draw on napkins. Paint on paper plates if you have to! The more you practice your gift, the more you will fall in love with your art and develop your own unique style. What's more, be proud of your work, and show it off! The world needs your creative spirit. Don't hide away, don't wait to show and celebrate your creativity. You will never be "fully ready" or perfect, and the world will enjoy watching you grow and go through the process of creating! At the end of the day remember YOU are enough, and your artwork is a beautiful extension of who you are- beautiful and wild and free and growing into the mature artist you will one day be!