meet the artist

I dabbled in various mediums in college at The University of Georgia and explored the floral design industry soon after before making my way back to creating fine art. I used my knowledge and unique compositions gained through working with florals and translated them in to floral line drawings. Throughout my art career, I have always been draw to bringing awareness to details we seem to overlook in such a fast moving society. Recognizing the movement, and intimate details of organic shapes is very important to my process. Some of my work I have drawn from pure memory of the shapes of flowers + greens and others from looking at books + real flowers. I am an avid (amateur) gardener and I constantly gather inspiration from the things I am able to grow....or not! The ability to share my work with others is so rewarding but I find most joy from using my journey to encourage others to pursue their dreams and use their talents to leave their surroundings better than when they found them!

a word to the young artists

Just keep creating!! I can't count the number of times I created "bad art" that eventually evolved into a style I perfected! Also remember everyone started somewhere and everyone asked questions so do not be afraid if you are feeling unsure and you need a little direction. I value my art critiquing days when I was in college because it gave me the confidence in knowing everyone's taste in art is extremely personal. Just because they feel connected to something doesn't mean they will be connected to everything! Except constructive criticism but do not let it disconnect you from your passion. You are creating art for yourself first and then everyone else.