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Maker  |  Mama  |  Believer
In love with letters, pretty patterns, brunch, and Friday through Sunday. You could say I'm the Weekend Type. 

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If you talk to someone I grew up with, here's what they'd probably tell you about me:

"Well, she was quiet but could bust a move, played a lot of tennis, and
she was creative." Most kids cringed when a teacher would assign a new 'project,' yet, I was thrilled. I LIVED for those project assignments. My favorite was creating a life-size teepee that my whole class fit inside in
the 2nd grade. #nerd

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My Crew

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Long Version:

Oh you're still reading? Well, I have an affinity for plants and leaves, though, oddly enough, I lack a green thumb. I’m a big fan of brunch, fresh flowers, and connecting with others. I love making our house a home, and I think the home is such an important place to nourish. I’m the gal behind The Weekend Type, which began as a calligraphy business, and has since expanded to include more art mediums, exploration, and creating for the sake of the process. My skillset comes from a blend of studies at Abilene Christian University(both in graphic design and interior design), going to workshops from skilled artists I admire, as well as simple trial and error in my own studio. I will forever be a student of the arts, and that alone keeps my curiosity for trying new things piqued!


Short Version:

  • love plants
  • brown thumb
  • brunch is awesome
  • home is awesome
  • I make stuff
  • ACU

*Also, my husband says my Myers Briggs personality type is very telling of me. I'm an ISFP.

**You should know, he's a major nerd and I love him all the more for it! I'm talking Star Wars, complicated board games, and computer gamer type of nerd. Hotttt!

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DO YOU Want to see my studio?

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My Creative Journey

All I've ever known is that I want to do something creative for a living. Here's how it's evolved.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: So you just learned project assignments in school were my jam. True. But I also started hustlin' a business when I was in the 8th grade. I started sewing these drawstring backpacks (that could barely hold a pair of flip flops) out of various fabrics.  Before I knew it, I was taking orders and making them after school on my mom's sewing machine. I think I have my home ec teacher to thank for encouraging me with this endeavor. She placed my first official order. 

HIGH SCHOOL: In high school, I lived in the yearbook room and eventually became one of the head editors my senior year. It's where I first learned InDesign (when it was called Pagemaker!), how to meet deadlines and push through the wee hours of exhaustion, and the book production process.

COLLEGE: I took that love of design that started in yearbook and ended up with a BFA Graphic Design and Interior Design from Abilene Christian University four years later.

AFTER GRADUATION: I began my professional photography career in 2009. I shot weddings for 7 years, and once my second boy came along, I decided to pursue other ventures since weddings are so demanding. I do continue to photograph mamas, newborns, and families to this day, which makes me so completely happy. I opened The Weekend Type in 2013 as a calligraphy studio which has since evolved into a modern design studio drawing from my original love of design work. Within the space I've created here, I'm free to keep learning different skills, and share the ones I've picked up over the years with others.