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AS WE GROW - A modern memory book for MARRIED COUPLES

The follow up title to As You Grow is called As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples. This one isn’t for the little humans this time, this one is for married couples. It’s a guided book to capture your love story together, whether you just got engaged or have been married for 50+ years; it can be picked up and started at any point along the way. I wanted to create a place that was dedicated to honoring the sanctity of a marital relationship, and somehow could capture the ever changing story a couple goes through together in life; But not just capture it, I wanted a place that could potentially preserve it over time. The intention behind it is for future generations to have the ability to learn your story and grow from it in their own relationships. It has questions in there I wish I knew about my grandparents’ relationship together. That’s really what sparked this book into becoming a reality; I knew I wasn’t alone in these desires to know more about the relationships before me. And yes, anyone could grab a blank journal and just start writing about your life together, but the thought of that can be so overwhelming that you never do it. I wanted to make it easy, and feel doable so people would in fact, take the time to document their story from the beginning.

I’m so proud of this book. This is my heart, bound into a pretty little linen book. I hope the people who open it can feel the love and thought throughout these pages. In line with As You Grow, this book creates another opportunity to tell a story and create an heirloom for their children to cherish when they’re grown. Not only will your children cherish it, but I pray it becomes a priceless book in your relationship as you write in it and relive those special memories you have together.

As We Grow officially releases April 16, 2019 and is now available for preorder on Amazon!

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