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A creative studio based in Houston, TX


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Hi there! I'm Korie. I have an affinity for plants and leaves, though, oddly enough, I lack a green thumb. I live in Kingwood, TX among the trees with my husband, Joel, and our two boys, Xander and Jonah. I’m a big fan of brunch, fresh flowers, and connecting with others. I love making our house a home, and I think the home is such an important place to nourish. I’m the gal behind The Weekend Type, which began as a calligraphy business, and has since expanded to include more art mediums, exploration, and creating for the sake of the process. My skillset comes from a blend of studies at Abilene Christian University(both in graphic design and interior design), going to workshops from skilled artists I admire, as well as simple trial and error in my own studio. I will forever be a student of the arts, and that alone keeps my curiosity for trying new things piqued!


The Weekend Type is built on 3 core beliefs: beauty, simplicity, and connection. 



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I'm a huge believer that there in beauty in everything. In everyONE. That life is meant to be just that... beautiful. Sometimes, you just have to look a little closer to see it. That's part of what I love about being an artist; attempting to add a little beauty back into the world just for the sake of something pretty that makes you smile.

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The more life I experience, the more I value simplicity instead of overcomplicated things. Simplicity speaks volumes and gives you room to breathe. Gives you room to think. Simplicity gives you a sense of calm and rest. Who doesn't want that? I believe simplicity in design can also bring forth those feelings. 

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Connection is such a key aspect when it comes to choosing who to work with in any capacity. I'm a firm believer that if you don't connect with the person you want to hire and visa versa, then neither party will truly be able to benefit from the service. Having a connection with someone creates a space of trust and safety, knowing you can count on them. Being able to connect also means you understand one another, and what they're looking for.


*Also, my husband says my Myers Briggs personality type is very telling of me. I'm an ISFP.

**You should know, he's a major nerd and I love him all the more for it! I'm talking Star Wars, complicated board games, and computer gamer type of nerd. Hooooot!

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