+ When will 'As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book For Baby' be available?

The current release date is April 10, 2018. Pre-orders are available now if you are the patient type.

+ Do you offer wholesale?

Currently, we do not offer wholesale ordering, however, it is in the works. Please email to be placed on the contact list for when we open up for wholesale orders.

+ How many branding clients do you accept each year?

I accept 6 branding clients per year.

+ How many custom stationery requests do you fulfill each year?

This varies due to the nature of custom stationery and invitation suites. Some require an intense amount of detail, while others are fairly simple. Availability varies, so if you're interested, please email to see about getting a spot on the calendar.

+ Do you still offer envelope calligraphy for weddings?

I currently do not offer envelope calligraphy at this time, but I have plenty of friends who do that I'd be happy to refer you to for the job.

+ Can I share photos of your work?

Yes. I love and appreciate when people want to share what I do here, so long as they share with proper credit. When sharing, please include a link back to my work (this website, or my instagram feed is great). Please don't modify my work in any way and make things weird between us. That action would make me have to send you a weird email. Just don't do it. Share with care.