meet the artist

Hello There!!! We are a husband and wife duo living in Trophy Club, Texas, but we love to travel anywhere and everywhere for photography! Our passion lies in capturing your candid moments filled with joy, passion, and laughter, and helping you preserve those emotions.

Above all else, we try our utmost to honor God with the creativity he has given us. We credit our attitude, success and outlook on life completely to Jesus Christ. It is his beautiful grace that fuels our everyday to have meaning and purpose.

a word to the young artists

Keep your head down, and don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing with their work. Explore it for yourself, figure out what you like, and what you can’t stop thinking about creating. Is it a certain medium you just can’t get enough of? Use that. Is it a certain subject you obsess over? Let it shine through your art. Whatever you do, don’t stop exploring.