Ambassadors + AFFILIATES

We are honored you are interested in connecting with us on this level. Please read through the following options before reaching out.
If you are currently working with The Weekend Type as a guest curator, ambassador or artist, find the portal


brand ambassadors

If you would like to work together, we’d be honored to consider you as a brand ambassador and get some art in your hands in exchange for sharing our work, instagram account, and shop with your following! Please be aware of the following minimum expectations :

  1. You have 10,000+ followers on your instagram account, and they must be real people, not paid bots.

  2. If you’re a blogger, you have 5,000+ subscribers.

  3. If you’re a youtuber, you have 3,000+ subscribers.

Further guidelines for actual collaboration and sharing apply, please contact us to discuss the details.


We love our affiliates, and offer the opportunity to anyone who wants to support what we do here. Please sign up to become an affiliate for The Weekend Type by clicking the button below.