Whole House Lighting Plan


Man, I'm not sure I've ever given this much thought to light fixtures! But I will say, I've enjoyed the hunt for the perfect fixtures for our new home. I keep finding some I love, but then the scale in the space, price, or general aesthetics don't fit what we are after. The biggest challenge for me was staying in a BUDGET. 

In the spirit of being completely transparent, we gave ourselves a budget of $3,000 to get 13 fixtures. And that includes shipping and tax! On average that's $230.76 per fixture. I'll do the full breakdown of how we spent our budget at the bottom of this post. If you've looked into new lighting for your home, you know that budget can seem a bit tight, but I was determined what I wanted was out there without spending an arm and a leg!

Let me just start with this. Our space is an open concept space, so you'll be able to see the kitchen pendants, dining area light, and living room light all at the same time. Oh, and even the foyer lighting! That's 4 different fixtures to coordinate here. 

The vibe we are after is more of a casual "Joanna Gaines meets California comfort" if that even makes sense. We don't want the farmhouse look (it leans too rustic for us), but there are so many elements of that style we are fond of. We are most drawn to the simple textures and ease of designs I like to think are more "cool without trying too hard." Like how I think of Californians... Gah, they're so cool. Hah, don't judge me here. I'm just saying, we want a chill and inviting space, with a few hints of that Magnolia magic stemming from Waco. Just a pinch. 

To get started, the photo above is an inspiration photo from  Amber Interiors  I dug up that is the closest to what our kitchen will look like.

To get started, the photo above is an inspiration photo from Amber Interiors I dug up that is the closest to what our kitchen will look like.



Our main cabinetry will be painted Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray, and the island will be Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. The backsplash will be classic white subway tiles, and the countertops will be a white quartz that Joel picked out. The walls will be Sherwin Williams Snowbound, and the trim and doors will be Sherwin Williams Worldy Gray (so excited about this!). 

Now that you've got an idea of the space, let's talk about those fixtures. For me, the most natural place to start when choosing fixtures was the island. Oh I've looked at TONS of pendant options. Literally for weeks on end. What I do know I want is something that is a little bigger in scale than a normal pendant light, and something that doesn't feel too heavy or overwhelming. I'm really drawn to the rattan lighting trend for how laid back, yet unexpected it feels, but, what I ultimately landed on for pendant lights is this:


This is the Arhaus Large Mesh Pendant (currently $143.10 each) that has a 19" diameter. For that scale and vibe, you really can't beat that price either. Win win all around for me. 

Next up, the dining area light. It will be located in the same place as the inspiration photo seen at the top of this post. When choosing this fixture, I kept in mind the mood of the kitchen, and the color palette and textures we plan on using in the living room (more on that later). Oh! And the table we have in mind! I'll add a photo of the table and chairs we have picked out so you can envision the plan. Here are the ones I'm looking at:

Windsor Dining Chair set of 2  (currently $149.99)

Windsor Dining Chair set of 2 (currently $149.99)

Tripod Table in Oak - in the shop of  Morrissey Made Over!

Tripod Table in Oak - in the shop of Morrissey Made Over!


Alright, so moving on to the foyer lights! We will have 2 lights in the foyer, and I wanted something a bit bigger... but a place for your eye to see repetition from the living room looking down the hall. The light I picked leans a little more "farmhouse" than I'd like, but I think they'll work well for the space. Especially with the front door in mind. The front door is more traditional if anything. 

Kadence 4-Light Lantern Pendant  (currently $183.99)

The next light to choose is in my office above my desk (desk is similar to the one pictured below). I really am digging this brassy light from World Market. I had a different one picked out, but as I was writing this post, I stumbled across this one and decided I need it. Especially with the desk chairs I've got picked out. 


Next up, is clear across the house in the master bathroom. We chose the cheapest builder grade option for our lights in there so we could switch them up to something we actually want after we close. We also added a block and wire for a chandelier in the bathroom. It's always been a dream of mine, and now the room is prewired for one! Yay! Here are our choices below for the chandelier (left) and above the mirrors (center). Also, I added a light to this post that is currently not in the budget, but it's picked out and I want to share it here. The light for the master closet, the toilet room, and also right outside the boys' rooms (right).

Lastly, we chose the same ceiling fan for all 4 bedrooms just for consistency sake. It's a 3 blade matte black fan with a light. It got great reviews, so I'm in! Done and done.


All these numbers include tax and shipping. Part of keeping in the budget is accounting for everything.

2 Kitchen Pendant Lights = $339.76
1 Dining Table Light = $404.85
2 Foyer Lights = $398.34
1 Office Chandelier = $270.63
2 Master Bath Mirror Sconces = $373.97
1 Master Bath Chandelier = $323.67
4 Bedroom Ceiling Fans = $727.40


So there it is! Again, the small boxed globe ceiling lights for the master closet, toilet room, and in front of the boys' rooms will have to wait. If it's not in the budget, it's not in the budget! We are going to be looking at builder grade "boob" lights for a little while, but everything else will be looking pretty sharp until then, and I'm just thrilled about that. 

Now we just need them to finish building the house!