Easter Weekend


This weekend was FULL. Nonstop, no rest, kind of FULL. Definitely not how I remember Easter as a kid; I guess it's because I'm in the parent role now! I never understood why my family was always so tired after we did all the Easter activities growing up...now I completely get it. There's so much preparation to be done to make it special for everyone. And it was definitely worth it to see my son's reaction :)


I'm really blogging this post because I had to throw these pretty eggs away and wanted to savor the project just a little more.


I decided it was Saturday night and that I wasn't going to work on photos, so I had a full evening ahead to get crafty and make some eggs for Easter! It felt so good to work on a project like this with no real purpose or point. Something that's going to get tossed in a few days anyways. It was something just for me. I should try to do that more often. It was so refreshing! However, I was up until midnight that night, which is unfortunate when you can't sleep in because of a toddler's sleep schedule and wake up call. To say I was dragging a bit on Easter was an understatement. Oops! 

I kept the eggs in a neutral color palette, and played with texture, pattern mixing, and a little bit of lettering. Looking back at this image makes me think that just maybe I should make this a little tradition for myself since it was so enjoyable.