The 'No Brainer' Baby Book

baby book journal.jpg


I clearly remember the night I found out I was pregnant with Xander. Joel was working the night shift that evening, and it was sometime after he'd left already. I had a quiet house to myself. Well, and Betty and Butters. I was getting ready to hop in the shower and thought, "hey, I wonder if I'm pregnant, let's just take a test. I think I have a spare in the cabinet." So I peed on a stick and didn't think twice. Just set it down and hopped in the tub...

After 10 minutes I remembered I took a test! See? Already forgot I took it. I reached over for the test, and clear as day the digital read out said 'PREGNANT.' 


I immediately go take another test.

Yep. Still pregnant!

My initial reactions were shared with none other than my dog, because there's no way I'd tell Joel this news over a text message while he's at work! My next move was to call my best friend. Come on ladies, you know that's the logical next move. It was basically a call of excitement and terror of having no clue what I just hopped on board for. Once we got off the phone, my next move was this:

To start a baby book! Well, baby journal? Whatever this is, I just knew I needed to write down an entry to remember all the feelings coursing through me at that very moment. Otherwise, I'd forget. 

This journal has become one of my most cherished possessions the more and more those pages fill up. I used a lined journal I bought years ago at Half Price Books. It was plain and classic with zero design. It was perfect.

The book starts with entries from the moment we found out we were pregnant, and will continue until Xander is out of the house. I just think it'd be so great to look back on over the years and read stories of his upbringing that I'd forgotten about. And the big plan with all this is to pass on this book to Xander once he is expecting his first child and enters parenthood. I want him to read stories of when he was little, and to know how much was loved before he even arrived... and all the emotions that went through us as parents along the way. 

Now, I don't write in this every week, or even every month. Sometimes I'll write in it just once in a month, or sometimes 3 times in one week! I leave it open to just write in it whenever something happens that I clearly want to be remembered. 

The leather journal pictured here is Baby #2's book. I have yet to write an entry yet, and I think my hang-up is that I want to address him by name in the first entry. We are between 2 names now, and I'm getting pretty excited over here! To me, the name makes it feel that much more real to me emotionally, and helps me bond with baby before he's here. Maybe that's just me, but we knew early with Xander and I loved knowing his name for so long. 

Before Xander was born, of course I was on the hunt for an official "baby book" like every new mom. I could never find one I didn't think was cheesy in one way or another. And the prompts inside of them just weren't doing it for me. So I threw my search out the window and decided to just stick with the baby journal. I could write down whatever I wanted in there! Plus, I didn't need space to add photos because I already had a plan for yearly photo books for this boy. Of course, photographer here! Anyways, the only thing I've put in the book besides stories is this footprint you can see above :)

This is what works for me. Maybe it'll work for you too if you're like me and can't settle on a traditional style of baby book. Plus, I could care less about what his measurements were at 3 months and would much rather know what funny stories were happening with him at that age. I could tell you one about the time he shat on the wall as a newborn, but I'll save that for his book ;)