My Morning Routine

For some reason, reading Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" sparked the notion for me to make changes beyond the recommendations in her book. Maybe it was the time of year since I read it in January and wanted to start the year fresh with a new habit. New Year's? Who knows. Either way, I now have a morning routine I can't seem to function without. 

Since Xander wakes up around 7:00AM these days, I now wake up at 5:00AM. Yes. Before the birds, before the sunrise, and before the cat (that's another story for another time. So many inappropriate angry profanities!). This window of time is for me and only me. It's my window to wake up slowly and get ready for a day full of chasing my busy 15 month old, and boy do I need that time to myself!

Here's what usually happens:

5:00 - alarm goes off, hit snooze twice. Ish. 

5:15 - finally get out of bed, make the bed if Joel is at work.

5:20 - feed the cat. She's meowing up a storm by this point. @*&#$&*#$@!!!!

5:21 - get the french press brewing a fresh cup. While that is going, unload dishwasher that was turned on last night before bed. (I forgot to do this one night, and my whole day was thrown off. I've become quite the dishwasher nazi around here. It MUST be run every night or I won't do squat in the kitchen the next day with a sink full of dirty dishes. It inspires me to only want takeout to avoid the mess I've left.)

5:25 - sit down at the kitchen table with coffee in my narwhal mug. Ahhhh. I've arrived. No baby, and no signs of him waking up any time soon. Now's the time to figure out what to do with this gift of a quiet morning. Sometimes I'll use it to catch up on photography emails for the day, other times I'll use it for personal projects, wrapping gifts, laundry, or other tasks to keep our home looking good. Last week I used it to mop! Man, that really felt like a mom move that day. It was kind of awesome in a bizarre 'I never thought I'd be saying this' sort of way. Definitely doing that again!

6:45 - signs of Xander starting to wake. He makes the weirdest little wake up grunts to let me know he's waking up and getting ready for me to come get him. At this point I need to wrap up whatever I'm doing. 

7:00 - go greet that little man upstairs! By the time I see his smiling face on the edge of the crib, I'm just as thrilled to see my boy because I've had some time for me to get things done and can focus my attention fully on him. I can feel a complete change in my attitude towards him from when I used to roll out of bed at 7:00 to go get him vs. now. Honestly, I used to be a little frustrated that he was waking me up from my slumber, but now that he's not, I'm ready for him to be awake for the day! This is a huge perk of the early alarm for sure.

This early wake up call has been in place for roughly a month now. At first I used it as my time to read the book I mentioned above so I could soak up all the magical tidying knowledge. Now it's turned into a time for me to slowly start the day and not feel rushed. I know my mother-in-law gets up super early, and I used to always wonder why. Now I completely get it. It's necessary for mamas, and I can't see myself giving it up anytime soon. 

What's your morning routine look like? Whether you're a mama, a a girl boss, a college student, or anything else for that matter, I'd love to hear how you start your day!