Baby Brother has a Name!



So here it is! Baby #2 has a name, and we couldn't be more excited! Jonah Keith will be the name of baby boy number 2 coming in early June. When we found out Xander was a boy, we loved already having a name picked out before his arrival, so we thought we'd continue with that tradition. It really helps Joel and I, and our families, get more connected to this little boy we haven't even met yet! Plus, I love referring to him with a name now. It makes it that much more real. I know a lot of people don't like to share names until the baby is here, but this is what works for us. So here I am, excited to announce the name of our be-here-before-you-know-it little boy! 

Jonah Keith.

So where'd the name come from? Well, we actually had a completely different name picked out that we were just sitting on to make sure it still felt right. Then, we were sitting around one night, heard the name 'Jonah' and started plugging it into his name. It started to feel more and more right that his name be Jonah to us, so on Joel's 30th birthday at dinner it was settled. Our second son's name would be Jonah. I love the name because it sounds kind and warm; like how I feel when I think of Joel's name :) And there's the whole whale story which will be enjoyable to go through with him. For his nursery design, I'm planning on a slight homage to the story, but we definitely aren't doing a whale theme in there. I mean, unless it was a narwhal theme...because I'd certainly do that! But really, no whales.

And the name Keith? Keith is the name of my late grandfather on my mother's side. He was my Papa. He passed away my freshman year of college on St. Patrick's Day, and I'll never forget it. If you knew him, it was totally like him to go out on a day such a that :) I can't express how many times since then I've wanted him here, and just wanted Joel to know who he was. And for Papa to meet our boys! He was an incredible man of God, and I'll never forget the influence he's had on my life. I'm excited that Jonah will carry on his name and his legacy, and look forward to when I can start telling him all the ways he's impacted my life. And of course the funny stories that I'll always remember growing up with!

So there you have it. Jonah Keith, we're waiting for you!