Easter Weekend


This weekend was FULL. Nonstop, no rest, kind of FULL. Definitely not how I remember Easter as a kid; I guess it's because I'm in the parent role now! I never understood why my family was always so tired after we did all the Easter activities growing up...now I completely get it. There's so much preparation to be done to make it special for everyone. And it was definitely worth it to see Xander's reaction :)

Saturday: Saturday morning, a church in our community hosted a HUGE (epic-ly huge!) Easter Egg Scramble for kids of all ages at the high school. My neighbors told me about it, and frankly, it sounded like a blast. So we made a last minute decision to skip our morning nap and see what it was all about. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME. Xander was in the 0-2 year old group, and he was so bad at it! Hah! (Can I say that?! Whatever. He's my kid. He was just aaaawful. I like to think of it as a practice round for Sunday. Anyways...) I'm pretty sure his Pop Pop put the 8 eggs in his basket that were there at the end ;) So once the hunt was over, we found our neighbor friends and walked around for a bit trying to snap a few Easter photos of the kids. Xander was not having it. The twins were great, ready to go for photos! They know the drill. But, something in Xander told him he needed to RUN. He was on the move, AND FAST, for a solid 20 minutes! It was hilarious to watch. I've never seen him run so much! Of course, he was trying to beeline his way to a huge patch of mud. He never made it there because Pop Pop is quicker than him! Bless you, Pop Pop. God bless you :)

Shortly after, Xander and I went to a friend's diaper shower honoring her second boy on the way! We are actually 4 days apart in our due dates, which is fun to have a friend so close in timing! I would have loved to stay longer, but Xander was calling the shots over there and just trying to get into EVERYTHING. We went home early and he immediately went down for a long nap.

Fast forward to the evening. I decided it was Saturday night and that I wasn't going to work on photos, so I had a full evening ahead to get crafty and make some eggs for Easter! It felt so good to work on a project like this with no real purpose or point. Something that's going to get tossed in a few days anyways. It was something just for me. I should try to do that more often. It was so refreshing! However, I was up until midnight that night, which is unfortunate when you can't sleep in because of a toddler's sleep schedule and wake up call. To say I was dragging a bit on Easter was an understatement. Oops! 

Sunday: Easter church service! Ooooh man. Taking Xander to church is still so hard. Maybe it's my growing belly and tiredness just from the pregnancy, but he's a lot to handle and entertain. Plus, he's still got some major attachment issues when I take him to the nursery, so they end up coming to get me after about 10-15 minutes every Sunday. One day we'll get it, buddy! And you'll LOVE the church nursery (says a very hopeful and tired mama!)! After he was brought back to me yesterday, I did score some major Xander snuggles for about 20 minutes. He's not much of a snuggler, so I was in HEAVEN. 

Then we came home, got him fed and in bed, while the rest of us worked on our Easter meal. And by the rest of us, I really mean my Dad. He brought over everything and even prepared it! I just got bowls out to put stuff in. It was amazing, and a HUGE blessing that my dad did all this for us. He's such a remarkable and giving man; I'm so lucky to have him as a dad, and that Xander gets to have him as his Pop Pop! Thanks, Dad :)

After we ate, it was time for Xander to get up and start hunting! Joel had put all his toys and treats on his little table for him to find when he came down the stairs from his nap. It was adorable. Then...theeeen, we took him outside where he found a yard full of eggs! He was so cute! He found the metallic eggs right off the bat (shiiiiny things!!), and slowly started to understand the concept of putting the eggs in his basket. We filled the eggs with jellybeans thinking it'd be a fun little treat for him to both shake and eat. When teaching him the shaking of the eggs concept, he got it a bit backwards in the most adorable way! He'd pick up an egg, pull the 2 halves apart, jelly beans spilled EVERYWHERE in the yard, then he'd shake the 2 egg halves in his hands so proudly! Hah! I love that little guy. Oh I can't handle how cute he is! 

With a belly full of sugar, he was in super high spirits until bedtime; I'm talking a delirious case of the sillies. So giggly and enjoyable! He's laugh SO MUCH when he gets in these moods and I can't ever get enough. The perfect way to end his day before bed time :)

After everyone left, I immediately put my jammies on, hopped in bed, and turned on Netflix. "Goodbye world, I'm going to binge watch Fuller House for the next 4 hours!" It. Was. PERFECT. 

Like I said, my weekend felt so full. But I think that's the new normal. Pushing through the day when you are beyond exhausted for the sake of your kids having a great time. Now I understand why my mom was always so tired by the end of the day growing up! She always fell right asleep on the couch after the tv had been on for not even 5 minutes. Mom, I get it now. I totally get it :)


CLIFF NOTES VERSION: Because that post was LONG.

  • Massive community egg hunt on Saturday. Practice round for Xander's egg-collecting skills for Sunday. Also, he ran ALOT.
  • Diaper shower shortly after. Xander told me when it was time to go... oh the curious nature of little boys! 
  • Egg crafty-ness for 5 hours after Xander went to bed. Talk about a wild Saturday night ;)
  • Sunday = church! Squirmy worm during service, didn't last in the nursery, then church cuddles! (all the heart eyes!)
  • Dad prepared our Easter meal! We ate and got our bellies happy before it was time for Xander to hunt eggs!
  • Xander's version of egg shaking: Pull egg apart, let jelly beans fly, then shake the 2 egg halves in excitement afterwards! Yay!
  • Sugar-filled toddler makes for one deliriously happy and giggly little boy! 
  • I learned why parents are always so tired on holidays and in the evenings. KIDS!