I'm Here


That's me up there. I've been MIA for a while now on social media as I've been trying to ground myself in a big change. It hasn't been easy to say the least, but I made it and I'm here now ready to share.

I have this desire to be 'all in' in my new role as a full-time stay-at-home mama and housewife. Please excuse how very 50s this sounds to type! I've been a stay at home mama since my son was born in November of 2014, but even then I was being pulled in so many directions; attempting to keep my house clean while staying on top of emails and keeping my boy happy, trying to be available to clients 24/7, adding a giant rush order of envelopes to my already overflowing week with out-of-town visitors to prepare for on top of that, and running a successful full-time wedding photography business. This is just to name a few. But it was, and is, too much for one person. If I want to be good at one thing right now, it's the fact that I want to succeed in this new role, and that means letting go of everything I've built through my creative careers. Well, just about everything. I want to be available to my family at the drop of a hat. I want to have a plan for a homemade meal when my husband gets off work instead of me scrambling for food at the last second and ordering pizza. I no longer want to stress over the fact that Xander wants me to play with him instead of letting me use his playtime window to answer emails. I just want to be good at this. 

Oh, and this big shift started speaking to me when we found out last fall we were expecting our second child. I really felt the need to come to a decision with all this before our next babe's arrival, so here we are. 

I plan to use The Weekend Type platform as place for me to blog about my life, my home, and the latest ideas I'm working on. I want to continue to create and share those things, I just don't think it needs to be a full blown business in this season of life for me.

I always knew The Weekend Type could adapt with me through change, and now is the time. My goal is for this is to be my space for a lifestyle blog, if you will. It'll lean heavy on the creative, but will also be spotted with home life and how I navigate the road ahead. I just want it to be a place where other creative women can relate and feel comforted knowing they aren't the only ones being pulled in so many directions.

And let's face it. The name? It's staying. Who out there isn't the weekend type? We all push towards the weekend and work extra hard to get there. It's typically when everyone in the family is home and available for adventure. The weekend is full of possibilities! It always has been and always will be, no matter your age or season in life. It's a time to play, relax, regroup, socialize, work on a project, try something new, visit an old friend, throw a brunch party, go on a date with your husband, work in the yard, and oh so much more. It's the prime time of the week. What's a week without a weekend? 

If you are, in fact, the weekend type, stick around. You just may start to feel at home. I know I'm already feeling much better about this :)

Here's to me finally sharing me; The gal behind The Weekend Type.