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I’m an artist who explores calligraphy, hand-lettering, texture, aesthetics, and visual interest. I have an affinity for plants and leaves, though, oddly enough, I lack a green thumb. I live in Kingwood, TX among the trees with my husband, Joel, and our two boys, Xander and Jonah. I’m a big fan of brunch, fresh flowers, and connecting with others. I love making our house a home, and I think the home is such an important place to nourish. I’m the gal behind The Weekend Type, which began as a calligraphy business, and has since expanded to include more art mediums, exploration, and creating for the sake of the process. My skillset comes from a blend of studies at Abilene Christian University(both in graphic design and interior design), going to workshops from skilled artists I admire, as well as simple trial and error in my own studio. I will forever be a student of the arts, and that alone keeps my curiosity for trying new things piqued!