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“My one piece of advice whether in business or in life would be simply to ask. Ask the question. Be bold. Make your own opportunities. The worst anyone can say is ‘no,’ and sometimes a ‘no’ is enough to fuel your fire to make something bigger happen.”

korie herold
artist + founder, The Weekend Type


About the Company
In short, The Weekend Type is a company driven by an artist with a mission to make more art, support artists, give back, and leave something beautiful behind in the world.

Our Goal
Our #1 goal is to support both the arts and the artists who create it. We value empowering artists of all ages through this platform and give them a place to get more art in people’s hands, get paid for it, and not have to handle the task of printing and shipping themselves. We just want the artists to keep doing what they love, and that’s making more art.

The Weekend Type Curated Artists
The artists featured here at The Weekend Type have been carefully curated and selected at the sole discretion of The Weekend Type’s founder. This process unifies the offerings here with a single perspective and aids in creating a cohesive gallery wall for your space. The artists here have that extra something special to bring to the table, and have the unique voices to prove it.

What We Do
What once started as a calligraphy business in 2013 has since grown into curated artist print shop that specializes in incredible artists, young artists, the spirit of giving, and being a resource for the arts community. Through the appreciation and exploration of a range of art mediums, our goal is to help others make a house a home through the finely curated artwork found here and build a connection to it. We help spaces come together through archival art prints of all sizes for your home or work space, while supporting the incredible artists who created them.

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The Name
The name ‘The Weekend Type’ came from the company’s roots of being a calligraphy business that aimed for clients that had parties on the weekends, like weddings, showers, etc. ‘Type’ was thrown in there for the owner’s love of typography and lettering, so it was the perfect blend. Between starting the business and our current reality, Korie has since had 2 children, so weekends hold an especially dear place in her heart and home. The name felt appropriate to keep being able to claim ‘we are in fact the weekend type.’

Korie Herold
Artist, founder, and visionary for The Weekend Type, Korie’s nature-inspired art and curation is the driving force behind the company. Born and raised as a Texas native, Korie attended Abilene Christian University and received an interdisciplinary degree is graphic and interior design. After graduation, she went on to pursue a career as a professional wedding photographer until her children were born. Life changed once they arrived, and her desire to stay closer to home was clear. A shift in careers happened for her when The Weekend Type was born as a fine art calligraphy studio. Staying true to her creative journey, she has let The Weekend Type ebb and flow to meet her where she is as an artist and business owner. Now, The Weekend Type is bigger than just her…it’s an online artistic community featuring curated work from artists and photographers alike.