Weekend Wrap-Up

Good morning! Man, I've been looking forward to this morning for days! Over the weekend, I had a very full schedule and needed as much rest as possible, so I said a temporary goodbye to my early morning routine for 2 days. Seemed like my day was harder to get started without it, no joke. Or maybe that was just the pregnancy hormones. Either way, I missed it. 

On Saturday, I photographed a wedding in Houston for the most relaxed bride and groom I've probably ever met in my career. Not a worry in the world on their wedding day. Which is a pretty big feat if you saw how many guests and how big their families were! They were majorly organized, so everything just ran smoothly. Winning all around.

So we make it to the reception. At this point, I'm still feeling good, everything is on schedule, all has been photographed that needs to be at that point, and my feet aren't even killing me yet. Still winning. Then, out of left field comes a guest wanting to talk about my bump...which is totally fine. It's just... what she chose to say to me I couldn't quite believe.  There's always that one person...

Let me back up a bit. Dressing a bump for a wedding is not a small task. I worked pretty hard to pull together an outfit that both looked professional and made me feel confident in this stage of pregnancy. Joel agreed it looked great. I even curled my hair and pulled it to the side for an extra boost of confidence and poise that day because I knew I'd need it. Most of the time I just throw it in a top knot for weddings to keep it out of my face. 

Ok, back to the reception. This woman comes up to me all smiles and says, "When are you due?"...

"Oh, not until June." I'm proudly rubbing my belly and smiling at this point. 

"Ooooh! You're having twins!" She smiles even bigger at me.

"NO. I'm NOT having TWINS." At that point I wanted her to know that was wildly inappropriate, but all I could do was keep my eyes locked on her out of shock. 

"No? Oooh you're big!" ...now she's waiting for my response.

Horrified. I just back up and walk away. It's all I could do to avoid making a scene. I still had to keep it together and be a professional here! After that, it's all I could focus on! I'm not really that big, am I?? Am I kidding myself with what I wore today? I mean, there's no sucking in this belly at this point, lady! 

I think I'd expect this more from a man since women know better, or at least I assumed they did! Good grief. PSA: please be nice to pregnant women, no matter how far along they are! Kindness goes a long way, people :)

Shifting gears, Sunday was great. We went to church, Xander survived the church nursery for his 2nd week in a row without anyone needing to come get me out of service (WOO!! This is a big deal for us right now!), aaaand they even had such kind things to say about our little guy. Joel and I were just beaming with pride over our little boy as we walked out the church doors :) Then, we came home to my mom waiting at the house to take over Xander duty because I had a surprise afternoon planned for Joel to start his 30th birthday week! Our friends meet us for lunch, then we headed off to a super fast indoor go-kart track since Joel has been wanting to do it for a while. It was a hit for sure, and Joel is ready to go back again. He and my brother really got competitive with each other, which is fun for me! I can't wait to go race with them once this little babe is out of me this summer! 

Now that it's Monday, I'm ready to get back in "get things done" mode and take care of business. Today is already off to a great start though! Here's to the week ahead!


Mamas and current preggies, what's the most inappropriate thing a stranger (or even friend/relative) has said to you while pregnant? I'd love to hear your stories!