We made it! We actually made it. I'm typing this post out from the comfort of our new kitchen peninsula, and I still feel like this was a dream I'm about to wake up from. 

These last few days have been the first days Joel and I have gotten to sit back a bit and actually enjoy the fruits of his labor. Life feels somewhat normal again. Which is great...right before it gets un-normal again once Jonah makes his arrival here! 

It's getting close ya'll. I'm officially 37 weeks today, and I couldn't be more ready for this little boy to come into our lives (and evacuate my body!). We popped his carseat into the car yesterday, and I've got plans to get that hospital bag packed today too. It feels good to get these things checked off my list, and it just makes everything so real at the same time...

I mean...

We are about to be a family of 4! 

With 2 under 2. 


I know there are tons of mamas out there who've done this combo, or have been in the same boat, which makes me believe "oh yeah! We can totally handle this!" But at the same time, my little brain goes into complete panic mode when I think about the days ahead where it'll be just me and the 2 boys...with zero help. THOSE, my friends, will be the days. 

From here I've got 3 weeks left until D-Day. I feel like I've got just 3 DAYS! I'm at the point that everything is so tight and just thinking about making a grocery run exhausts me. Anyone else been here?? Oh man, I just want to lay on the couch all day and have someone bring my smoothies and massage my feet....or let me nap. All the while this dream is happening Xander is being my little angel boy playing quietly with his toys and cooking his own meals. It could happen, right?

So here's to all the struggles, big and small, families goes through to bring tiny precious babies into the world. It's worth it, it's worth it, it's worth it.

Every single time :)