The First Road Block

It was bound to happen. I got a phone call 30 minutes before our kitchen was to be measured for countertops by our contractor, and he said he was no longer coming. He just sold his house the night before and decided to move to Alaska in 2-3 weeks! So with that said, he is no longer available to work with us. 


I feel like we're back to square one with progress. We based so much around this guy saying yes. 

I guess this is just part of the process though with any construction work. 

Definitely disappointed, but still pressing on. We have to, right?!

I'm of the mindset that everything happens for a reason, and this happening to us at this point has a purpose.

So we've decided to bite off a little more of a challenge. We are going to DIY more of our kitchen than planned, and I'm pretty excited! Here we go!